Tanzania & Lugoba

Tanzania - the country and its people

> surface: 945'089 km2

> population: 49.25 Mio.

> language: Swahili & English

    (127 traditional languages)

> religion: 1/3 Christian, Muslim & traditional religions.       Despite the different religions, there are almost no    conflicts.

> capital: Dodoma is the seat of governement and Dar es

   Salaam is the biggest town

> neighbouring countries: Kenya & Uganda in the north,

   Ruanda, Burundi & DR Kongo in the west,

   Sambia, Malawi & Mosambik in the south

> Part of people with a disability: approx. 1'000'000

   According to statistics, Tanzania counts 1.96% people with a disability (National Bureau of

   Statistics (TNBS), 2004). Some of them are disabled due to genetic disabilities; furthermore, the

   consequences of malaria and polio can lead to severe disabilities.

> Tanzania is mainly known for:

   Kilimanjaro (5895 m above sealevel, highest African mountain), safaris in national parks such

   as Serengeti, Ngorogoro, Selous etc. and the spice island Zanzibar with its historic old town of      Stone Town.

Where is "Elimu kwa maisha Lugoba"?

> Distance Lugoba main road to the plot

   Elimu kwa maisha Lugoba: 4.5 km

> Distance Dar es Salaam to Lugoba: 80 km

> Population Lugoba: 11'423 (2012)

> Surface Lugoba: 256 qkm

> Surface Elimu kwa maisha Lugoba: 2 acres