We are looking for donations for the following objects

We welcome all donations - but are providing a list with different objects in the following.

On request we mention private and company names or logos on site in our center in Lugoba.

You will receive a thank-you-letter and be mentioned in our annual report.

Your donation to Karibuni Tansania is tax deductible in Switzerland.

We still need...

Objects and work that have to be funded:


Work shop:

- xxx Fr. xxx.-

- xxx Fr. xxx.-


Driveway to the gate:

- xxx Fr. xxx.-

- xxx Fr. xxx.-


Road from the main gate to the roundabout and main house:

> xxx Fr. xxx.-

> xxx Fr. xxx.-


Surroundings and maintenance:

- 2x 1000 litre water tank at Fr. 150.-

- 2x 2000 liter water tank at Fr. 250.-

- 4 groundworks for water tank at Fr. 24.-

- clearing and shaping park Fr. 25.-

- path clearing to panorama tree Fr. 25.-

- path clearing to cactus tree Fr. 25.-

- 2 loads of gravel for the veranda at Fr. 75.-

- 20 bags lawn/grass seeds at Fr. 5.-

- 20 plants for the main house/njumba simba house hedge at Fr. 3.-

- boards work surface kitchen including work Fr. 95.-

- survey & record plot Fr. 400.-

Other donations

Sewage (sceptic tank)                                Fr. 3500.-


Sponsorship clients                                    Fr.     3.50 per day

(disadvantaged teenagers and adults with a disability  Fr. 105.- per month

requiring financial support)                                           Fr. 1275.- per year


Housing unit for 6 clients                           Fr. 21'500.-

facilities partially wheelchair accessible


Furnishings from                                       Fr. 10.-

Beds, cupboards, chairs etc.


Workshop (building)                                   Fr. 12'000.-

Furnishing Workshop                                  from Fr. 20.-

Work bench, tools, material etc.


Common kitchen & Storage                       waiting for offer

Furnishing kitchen                                     from Fr. 5.-

Töpfe, Geschirr, Krüge, Becher usw.


OUtdoor space                                         waiting for offer

wheelchair accessible paths, playing field, shadowed resting places etc.


Garden maintenance and inital planting       from Fr. 5.-

gardening tools, seeds, seedlings etc.

Donations account

Karibuni Tansania

Gartenstrasse 3

5300 Turgi


account no: 61-428700-2

IBAN: CH96 0900 0000 6142 8700 2


We are tax-exempt in Switzerland

Voluntary donations of financial and other assets to the association Karibuni Tansania can be deducted from taxes, when these donations reach Fr. 100.- per tax year.

This is applicable to any natural or legal person in Switzerland.